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The Wealthiest Club - Social Media Network specifically tailored to FLEXING and displaying your Achievements

The Wealthiest Club was a social media platform created with the intent of competing to show off your achievements in life and wealth. Wealth doesn’t buy Style. So show us how you use your wealth.

This project entailed the creation of a LOGIN system, with a User and Profile system created in PHP and MYSQL. CSS and Design were created to be luxurious and high-class, giving you a slick modern yet opulent aesthetic.

Social Media Management was also used in this project, entailing high quality motivational posts a few times a week.

Client: The Wealthiest Club

Category: Website, Social Media

Date: June 2016

HD Photos

We used high definition photos to make sure the visuals popped and looked amazing on all screen resolutions. We used a few custom photos created by ourselves to show off the different aspects of the website as well.

Solid Structuring

Our website was structured solid, making sure there that all profiles and personal user data were kept safe. Security is a number one priority of THE WEALTHIEST CLUB, so we ensured that was all taken care of.

Full Device Responsiveness

All Social Media platforms need to be accessed on a multitude of devices. That’s why we created the website with full responsiveness to any device. Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, Fyro media makes sure your website works on all machines!

Social Media Management

Social media management was a huge aspect of this project. We created and ran advertisements on social media such as facebook and instagram. Daily posts were also created that were of high quality, and gathered much attention and likes for the business.