Elegance & Luxury - Havancci Co's website is an embodiment of their Graceful Company

Havancci’s website is an online ECommerce store dedicated to Male Watches & the like. Their website features a dark & Gold color scheme with high quality pictures and detail.

Along with it’s beautiful looks, Fyro has created a usable and simple to navigate website which works amazingly on mobile, but drops jaws on desktop.

We’ve created a divine homepage which hits hard on first look, as well as a shop page that is simple for customers to use. While you can read about this website, a closer actual look at it is much better than talking. Check it out here.

Client: Havancci Co

Category: Website & ECommerce

Date: January 2018

High Quality Pictures

This website includes high quality, HD photos that will look perfect on any screen. None of that bad blurry pixel mess you might find on other websites.

Solid CSS & Structure

Our site will ensure perfect, solid code that won’t break randomly. Some sites have hundreds of issues when you open up the console, which look held together with band aids and duct tape. However, we make sure that any problems are eliminated and your site runs safely, free from malware.


With looks comes use. Customers to this ecommerce site find easy navigation and buying a breeze. This minimizes problems as well as cart abandonment, which increases revenue for the site owner. We build our sites not only with you in mind, but your customers as well.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We won’t stop working until you’re completely happy with your site. If there’s something you want changed or don’t like, we’ll work all night until you’re happy. Good barber’s do their best to fix bad haircuts, and we do our best to fix bad websites.