Who we are & what we do

Hi! We're Fyro Media

Web design & social media marketing agency based in Auckland, New Zealand

We here at Fyro Media strive to bring you the best Websites in New Zealand. Fyro Media implements the world’s best layouts and integrates with the biggest platforms to help your business reach its online potential, fast and with perfection.

Quality and professionalism is in our DNA. We not only bring the best design of business websites but also guide you to unlock your potential via the aid of powerful tools such as Google, Facebook, Instagram and all other major platforms.

Fyro Media strives to be the unique of the ‘unique-est’. Uniqueness is in our DNA, and for every client we tailor make the websites to the clients’ specifications and liking. We listen and consult our clients to the best tailor-made websites which will get them the success they went for.

We love seeing our clients excel and enjoy success, we are always ready to help and glad to play a major part in their success story.

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Website Development

Fyro Media prides itself to help create unique websites for every individual unique business.

Social Media Digital Marketing

Fyro Media has you up to date with the lastest ways to reach your customers ahead of another other business. Fyro Media specializes in marketing on world-leading platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, Pinterest and Twitter.

Mobile Responsive Websites

Here at Fyro we strive hard to keep our clients at the top of the game and don’t hold back when it comes to accessibility, therefore all our sites are mobile optimised and responsive so every viewer can get the same experience on every device.

Ecommerce Websites

Fyro Media caters to all businesses regardless of its’ size, from entrepreneurs to freelancers to major restaurants. Fyro Media caters to all with exciting previous experience- so you can be sure we know what your business really needs.We guarantee a safe and secure experience for your customers with world-leading platform integrations.

Brand Management

Fyro Media helps your business run as smoothly as possible by improving your ranking on the internet community through exclusive SEO tools and  Brand Awareness campaigns.


Fyro Media provides hosting for every site built with us. With 99.9% uptime, and integrated with multiple world-leading platforms we guarantee you that your site will never let the viewers down.


“If you can’t explain it simply, then you don’t understand it well enough.”

We stay true to this quote by making every step as simple and understandable as possible.



New times are here, and if you want your business to survive and thrive, then you have to keep up. That’s why you’ve decided to look for some ways to evolve your business into the digital age


We have a quick chat over what you desire, and how we’ll be able to help. We can discuss pricing, design, and what we’ll be doing either over a cup of coffee or through email.


After confirming exactly what you’d like, and showing you a few examples, we get to work on exactly what you would like. We’ll have meetings in between the process just to show you what we’re up to, and get your feedback so that your project is 100% to your liking.


Once the framework of the site is built up, all we need now is the content, wording, and writing to make your page pop. You can either leave this all to us, or give us some of your own written material. How you write and word your content is CRUCIAL to success, whether increasing sales or just improving your rank on google.


Each week you’ll get a few posts, along with a new

What Would You Like FYRO'D Up?


In the age of Info, any business not running with blazing hot internet presence is leaving themselves out in the cold. Let us help you bring a little bit more heat into your social media.


Burn down your old website, and watch a phoenix rise up from it’s ashes. Or in other words, freshen up your site and come out with a rejuvenated face-lift, courtesy of la boutique fyro.


The perfect option for those wanting to boost their online reputation. A slick website, some hot posts, and a little search engine optimization is the perfect combo for any business looking to make waves online.